Be careful with the financial crisis under the influence of the chlor-alkali project investment


With the surge in demand of downstream products in recent years, driven by the chlor-alkali industry to develop at a faster rate in the country, many funds are also attracted to the construction of the chlor-alkali project. But with the impact of the global financial crisis, the macroeconomic situation had dramatically changed domestic and international market demand for commodities is also a dramatic drop in chlor-alkali project period of construction and therefore relatively slow.

Been seriously challenged from the point of view of the current situation at home and abroad, Recently pull the chlor-alkali industry, the rapid growth of the chemical building materials, such as alumina, a short period of time, it is difficult to restore to the level of early 2008; the same time, international oil prices continued low a larger outlet pressure hovering, give the process route of the calcium carbide process-based domestic PVC production enterprises, foreign ethylene products also take this opportunity to enter the domestic market, the domestic PVC products market has caused some impact . The other hand, the view from the recent period, many chlor-alkali investment projects which contain a lot of investors, including coal, electricity, aluminum and even paper and other industries and enterprises are involved in the chlor-alkali. Some projects have been put into operation, the part of the project to be put into operation in 2009, these products can cause some pressure will be to the future of the chlor-alkali products market.

Nevertheless, the future of the domestic chlor-alkali project still has a strong development of space to take full advantage of the region, energy and market dominance, the new expansion of a certain capacity or necessary. For investors who want to get into the chlor-alkali industry, should be more cautious. In addition to objective and pragmatic analysis of the comprehensive capabilities of their own business, but also production of chlor-alkali industry can release factors to take greater account of national industrial policies, market demand, logistics, and environmental and safety pressure.

First of all, the 2009 industry-wide production capacity will remain at the release of new projects should be combined with the characteristics of their respective companies, calm analysis of the respective competitiveness. Especially with the announcement of caustic soda and PVC products such as clean production standards, national restrictions related industries and energy consumption standards, as well as the previously released industry access threshold, making more stringent the requirements for new projects.

Secondly, the domestic chlor-alkali industry technology faces further innovations include the ODC technology, the DEACON technology development and use of mercury-free catalyst technology to further improve the level of equipment improvement, are likely to become the mainstream technology of the future domestic chlor-alkali industry . New construction projects, must take into consideration the development of new technologies in the future.

Again, in the role of the financial crisis, the basis for stimulating the growth of demand for chlor-alkali products still was not very solid. In addition to the downstream products for some time continued to slump, the role of the economic crisis, the rise of trade protectionism of the international market will also affect the development of the domestic chlor-alkali industry. Especially the new project into the chlor-alkali industry, the prospects for the development of the enterprise should take full account of the beginning of the construction to ensure that new projects to develop long-term.

In summary, under the influence of the financial crisis in 2009, the chlor-alkali project investment should maintain a high degree of caution and only in the protection of all funds can truly be used in future development projects to support domestic chlor-alkali industry, in order after the crisis, so that the whole industry to get more room for development.

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